nwb-new-pages-text [[Category:The boy named Sora, chosen wielder of the keyblade. According to Ansem's(DIZ) reports, whoever is chosen by the keyblade, it brings peace to the world, other causes chaos around the world, although Sora chose to travel around the world to fight all heartless and nobodies in order ro get an answer from the riddle of Organization XIII. The Organization XIII is a group of nobodies, they can plan, and they seems to finish a goal, what that goal is We do not know, that's why Sora is fighting all the heartless and nobodies to get an answer from Organization XIII. And then Riku, long time friend of Sora chose to live in darkness in order to control darkness, then Sora fight him, the door to light appeared, but the door cost Sora's life, Sora died, then he dreamed that the world is counting on him, so he was ressurected and continued the battle towards a nobody called Namine'. He successfully made towards the nobody, but he don't know that Namine' is the nobody of Kairi, Sora was trapped in a pod and fell asleep for many years and dreamed about a boy who was really look a lot like him, the name was Roxas, although Sora didn't know that Roxas was his nobody and also a member of organization XIII. Roxas left the organization becaouse he wanted to meet Sora, but Roxas' best friend Axel was chasing him he died because of defending Sora from the nobodies. Then, Sora made it to Xemnas'(The nobody of Xehanort, Ansem's Apprentice) stronghold and defeated him.]]